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Know Some Parking Equipment and How These Can Aid in Your Parking Lot

Parking systems have been introduced for some time now. A parking lot is managed a lot faster, easier and profitable with the process of the parking systems. With the many different sophisticated systems offering functionality in the parking system, owners of the parking lot and owners of vehicles are being helped because of the smooth process it brings. It is therefore very important to have knowledge of which system would suit best to your certain needs, that would lead to making the right choice among the many solutions available. Presented below are some of the more common parking control equipment for your information.

The number one system that you would have seen definitely in many parking lots are the barrier gates. Generally, these gates are generally used at entries and exits and are automated. These gates are also used in places like toll booths where the gates are opened after toll collection. These gates have generally 3 to 4 meters arms, although the arms can as go to 6 meters as produced by some manufacturers of parking equipment. This kind of parking system is actually very easy to install as you do not need any special tool when you install it. It is advisable though that the manufacturer you will find can offer you easy to install barrier gates that will give you better functionality in terms of auto reverse, direct drive motor and others.

The next equipment or parking system is the pay and display of which this parking payment systems are great for parking areas where unattended parking management is needed. In this system, the customers can easily operate the system themselves since the model is highly effective self-service type. The big advantage of this system is that you do not need a worker to look over the operations. The mode of payment in this system is through various payment schemes such as coins, bills, credit cards and debit cards. Aside from that, this system has a high speed thermal printer, and with other good systems enabling customers to purchase their passes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on their needs.

Another parking equipment is the portable handheld citation writer where the device can be utilized in places where personnel are used to overlook the parking lots, but need better solutions to better conduct operation. The parking officer in this case can check the status of the vehicle on-line with the use of this handheld instrument and thus can issue immediately citations. This equipment is powered by a battery offering up to 400 continuous transactions free from external power.

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